[clug] how to use traceroute (now: iinet performance)

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On 2014-08-19 10:52, Steve Barnes wrote: 

>> Indeed -
copper-cable-over-the-fence-to-the-exchange ADSL2+ speeds. Aka
"what you're paying for".
> Kryten: "ahh, smug mode" [1]

I miss my
connection I had in Bunbury WA. It was with Westnet, who were
wholesaling Optus at the time for ADSL2. The phone line in my flat
hadn't been used for over a decade, and the connection cut off in the
pit. The Telstra contractor tech that came to install it said he had to
make a new connection, and it was to the Optus fibre cable installed in
the street a couple of years before, in anticipation for the big
Centrelink building a few doors up. He said in the end Centrelink didn't
connect via it, and it's sat unused in that time. He also told me that
my connection was the only connection to the that fibre, and I also just
happened to be 400 metres from the exchange. Let's just say I had the
best connection I've ever used, both at work or in the office as a
result. It was also paired up with a Perth landline number prefix, not a
Bunbury one which I thought was odd. 

Not entirely sure of the accuracy
of what old mate was telling me, but I haven't come close to line
quality for both voice and data that is as good as it was there. 

been with Westnet since 2004. Since iiNet purchased them, the service
levels aren't quite as good as they once were, but miles ahead of
everyone else I've dealt with for comms when I was working in IT. I've
had a few connection issues over the years moving around, but they've
always been quick to credit back payments, and provide free dial up
whilst we were all waiting for Telstra to send someone out who knew what
they were doing. That said, when dealing with the Telstra techs in Dubbo
when I was having landline issues with my ADSL, they were great. I had
one bloke turn up at my flat one morning after being there a couple of
days before, after he had an idea of what the fault was as he was
driving to work, turned out to be a loose connection in the wall outlet
that expanded and contracted with the temperature. He reconnected the
wall plate and everything was spot on after that. 


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