[clug] Back in the Linux fold and also a file manager question

Paul Rands lists at paulrands.com
Sat Apr 19 17:53:33 MDT 2014

Hi Guys,

I moved back to the Linux fold a few weeks ago, and also back onto this
mailing list too.

On Friday I upgraded the PC to Ubuntu 14.04 and I'm really happy with the
performance. Nice and snappy compared to 13.10, and a lot less buggy. That
said I ran into problems with the software centre stalling when installing
and the printers installation wizard locking up installing drivers. A
quick move the Terminal got things working in no time.

Despite using various flavours of Linux over the years (starting with Red
Hat then Mandrake in 2002, and then onto a heap of Ubuntu distros), I
still consider myself a bit of a newbie at it all.

After becoming accustomed to using my Mac for a number of years, the only
thing I am really missing is colour-coding files in the file manager.
Nautilus doesn't support it, and I can't even put emblems on things
anymore. I resorted to installing Marlin the other night, which does have
it as a feature, however it's a little glitchy. Does anyone here have any
suggestions for a GUI file manager that supports being able to colour code
filenames and looks similar to Nautilus?

Thanks in advance!

Paul Rands
lists at paulrands.com

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