[clug] Firefox default profiles directory.

Andrew Steele fozzy at zipworld.org
Thu Oct 24 00:12:06 MDT 2013

Hi Randall,

I know it'll shoot my credibility on this list ;) , but with OSX there's this tool called Multifirefox.

It lets you choose the profile and firefox version you want to run.  It's good and I think is exactly what you need - except for the OSX part.

The only problems I've found with it was upgrading past 2.2.001 introduced some bugs.  Can't remember what they were because I downgraded - that version seems to be fine for my needs.  The other difficulty I've had is getting it to use the -no-remote flag.  I found some applescript examples to fix that.

Don't know if such a tool exists for Linux, but you might want to start with Multifirefox.


On 24/10/2013, at 4:39 PM, Stephen Gibson <Stephen.Gibson at anu.edu.au> wrote:

> Hi Randall,
>                    According to man firefox the options "-no-remote -P profile" may do what you require, however, I have not tried this, or tried to run more than one firefox process. A single firefox uses enough resources. Although, having tried Iron/chromium, I have gone back to firefox. IMO chromium runs multiple processes to give the appearance that less resources are used.
> Steve.
> On 24/10/13 16:04, Randall Crook wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am hoping someone may know the answer to this one.. I am looking to
>> run two different versions of firefox on the one macchine and I dont
>> want the one version messing with the others profiles.
>> I want to know if there is a file somewhere in the firefox install where
>> I can cange the default profiles location from ~/.mozilla/firefox to
>> something like ~/.mozilla/firefox24 or there abouts...
>> Any sugestions would be welcome.
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