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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Tue Oct 15 04:16:26 MDT 2013

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On 11/10/13 10:56, James Fellows wrote:
> sent on behalf of Pia Waugh;
> For all my linux.conf.au and SLUG (Sydney Linux User Group) friends, if
> you would like to contribute to a new laptop for the awesome,
> persevering, wise and inspiring Mr Peter Miller, please message me
> privately for details (pia.waugh at gmail.com). Peter has been soldiering on
> with an old laptop that doesn't hold charge and is completely on its last
> legs. For an old (but spritely) coder who has basically been rather
> preoccupied with fighting bone cancer recently, it is a small thing we
> can do to give back for all the incredible contributions (code, wisdom
> and cheek) he has made to all of our lives :)
> If you know Peter but have been living under a rock :) See 
> http://blogs.operationaldynamics.com/pmiller/health/not-so-gentle/the-not-so-gentle-answer

also say: if you write code, and whatever you were planning to do this
weekend does not involve meeting royalty or heads of state, then drop
whatever you're doing and organise to go to Codefest this weekend:



It'll be at Peter's house, and might be a little crowded, but it's
absolutely the coolest thing to do.  You may never get another opportunity
like it.  Sitting around with a bunch of expert programmers, learning and
asking questions and passing on knowledge, as well as trivial mundanities
like eating, drinking and sleeping.  It's brilliant.  I'd be going but I'm
already booked to go to Auckland for OSDC... and even then I've contemplated
flying out on Sunday afternoon.

Have fun,

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