[clug] Network coding for virtual environments (was Re: People save my bacon again!)

Blaz Segavac blazs at netspeed.com.au
Sat Oct 12 03:59:07 MDT 2013

Hi Andreas,

Sorry for the long time in responding, I have just realised that I have not responded, as I promised I would during our discussion after your presentation.  Also, for some reason I had trouble remembering and finding the URL for the virtual environment software, called 'Cobalt' and 'Croquet', I mentioned to you on the night.

The URL is http://www.opencobalt.org.

The stuff that, I am sure, will interest you can be found in the navigation bar (on the left hand side of the Open Cobalt web site) under 'About' and 'Documentation' menus, in particular the 'Programming Environment' and 'Synchronisation Architecture' items.  As you would have gathered by the name of the software, it is open source under the MIT license.

Hope you find it useful.


On 11/09/2013, at 08:51, andreas <andreas at latticepoint.org> wrote:

> Hi All,
> On 2013-09-10 21:40, Paul Wayper wrote:
>> Andreas Fischer will be giving a high-level overview of the networking code
>> in the game he's working on.  He'll talk about the API, Doxygen, test driven
>> development and amusing anecdotes about Peter Miller :-)
> Actually, I'll be talking about a discrete, high-level networking library that I've
> been making, for use in my game engine.  I've been designing it as an open source
> alternative to proprietary game network libraries such as raknet [1].
> I don't have time to do much preparation, but if anyone has any questions or points
> of interest, let me know on the list, and I'll try to have an answer ready for
> Thursday.
> Regards,
> - Andreas
> [1] http://www.jenkinssoftware.com/features.html
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