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Sun May 5 05:37:32 MDT 2013

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On 05/02/2013 11:07 PM, Steve Walsh wrote:
> On 05/02/2013 10:27 PM, Jessica Smith wrote:
>> Does all that have to be done by one person? Perhaps splitting it up 
>> amongst 2-3 people would work better? I'm not in a position to take on
>> the whole ball of wax, but would be happy to put up my hand to take on
>> (say) social media stuff or help out with web dev.
> I don't have the time to "do it all" I had when I handed it off to Paul
> in 2007, but I'm certainly happy to take the main CLUG meetings
> organising back on board if other other people are interested in the
> other roles.

This is the post about the things that need to be done for CLUG to be a
better group:

Jessica is entirely correct - it doesn't have to be done by the one person.
 It'd probably be better if it wasn't :-)  The job allocations I thought of

1) Finding people to give talks at CLUG.  This requires knowing people in
Canberra that are programming (for the PSIG) or doing cool things with Linux
and Open Source Software (for the main meeting) and asking them to talk at
CLUG meetings.  This could be further divided into one coordinator for each

2) A person to run the meeting.  This person makes sure the speaker finds
their way to the meeting (if necessary), welcomes everyone, introduces the
speaker and coordinates the meeting.  Again, this could be a different
person for the PSIG and CLUG meetings.  It's useful for this person to know
the speaker, so this role can be combined with 1) above.

3) A person to organise pizza or other group meal for the main monthly
meeting.  This involves ordering and getting the pizza, and tidying up
afterward.  Pizza is about half the price if you go and pick it up yourself,
thanks to vouchers on e.g. retainmenot.com

4) A person or people to rework the website.  There was considerable
interest in this last year.  The website needs to:

* Tell people about the CLUG and what we do.
* Tell people where meetings are, when they're on and what's coming up.
* Provide information about special events such as Installfests, Software
and Hardware Freedom Day, LCA, OSDC and so forth.
* Provide a forum for contributions from CLUG people - e.g. a hardware
review wiki has been proposed, or information on member's projects.
* Give links to other organisations (e.g. MakeHackVoid, Linux Australia), etc.
* Anything else people think is useful.

The current site is static HTML and is hard to maintain.  There is a Drupal
website at http://drupal.clug.org.au/ to be worked on as a replacement but
my level of access does not allow me to create pages, add new people or
update anything.

5) A social media engagement person or people.  This person would post to
whatever social media they thought was useful about CLUG meetings and
upcoming events, and maintain whatever online social media presence the
group might have.  Personally, I feel this can be done by anyone in CLUG
posting about upcoming meetings.

6) A person to record CLUG meetings.  This would be either audio or
audio/video, and would be processed down to reasonable size in a variety of
free formats for distribution online (via http://mirror.linux.org.au or

Some of these things are optional.  There may be others that I haven't
mentioned that people might want to take on.

All I need for the month of June is a person to find someone to give a talk
at the monthly meeting and thence run it.

If you want to take on any of these jobs, then please do so - but be
prepared to make the commitment to do it for a long time.

Hope this helps,

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