[clug] ADSL2 modem

Stephen Gibson Stephen.Gibson at anu.edu.au
Wed Mar 27 15:39:23 MDT 2013

Just to conclude my ADSL matter.

I have replaced my faulty Belkin N600 modem with a TP-Link W8960 ($49 
from oo.com.au, since MSY could not be bothered) and there has been a 
significant improvement(*) to the connection speed, which is now at a 
'record' 7.5/0.8Mbps.

Hence, the Telstra techo was correct.

Thanks, for all of the input from the CLUG list.


PS(*) Although, the actual improvement is somewhat ambiguous, since last 
night before the exchange the old 'bad' Belkin was achieving 4.5Mbps (= 
normal). However, the TP is definitely an improvement over the Belkin.

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