[clug] raspberry pi MythTV frontend or another option?

Paul mylists at wilsononline.id.au
Sun Mar 24 23:52:32 MDT 2013

On 25/03/13 09:11, Paul wrote:
 > Thanks  for the reply, I think this should not be an issue as I'm mostly
 > using it on recorded mpeg2 files from DVB ie recorded TV shows plus some
 > ripped DVB avi files.
 > This certainly seems the cheapest even if its not the most optimal
 > platform anyone know of any other barebones platforms around the
 > $100-$200 mark?
 > Paul

Have you looked at the pcDuino ($74 from Littlebird Electronics):
(much higher spec'd than a RPi).

Or, if you want something locally developed (right here in Canberra),
check out the Hackberry A10 ($65) or the Cubieboard ($49):

There are tons of much better alternatives to the RPi (always have
been...). I also +1 Jessica's recommendation of the WDTV - getting
on a bit now, but a solid little performer.

Bob Edwards.

I had a look at some of those USB O/S sticks and they look great except they all seem to 
be Wifi, and  ideally I would like a ethernet connection to get a stable feed from my 
backend box, but the its certainly appealing to get android on the big screen and access 
to the app- play store.
The Hackberry looks like it might suit although I would like a dual core CPU but it looks 
like it might do..


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