[clug] Is anyone willing to install Kubuntu for me? For a fee?

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 23:19:18 MDT 2013

On 25/07/13 14:17, Paul C. Leopardi wrote:
> Hi all,
> On Thursday 25 July 2013 07:37:54 Stephen Boyd wrote:


> I just want to match whatever my laptop thinks it needs. Since it originally 
> came with Windows, an EFI partition, and a hidden recovery partition, and 
> since there is no "legacy boot" option in the Aptio Setup Utility, I think 
> that it needs UEFI. I could be wrong. 

Thanks for the additional information.

As yet I haven't have much of a chance to research your scenario.

On a positive note:-

Kind regards

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