[clug] Open Source, server based video/chat/conferencing system

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Sat Aug 17 23:49:18 MDT 2013

For those interested in the subject, Daniel Pocock has posted about
yesterdays session at DebConf13 where the latest development in WebRTC
were discussed.

 (video links and slides included).

Very exciting! It looks like an Open plugin-free solution to the problem
is close at hand. The JsSIP side of things is already production ready.

On 12/08/13 15:15, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> Anybody know of any production ready alternatives to Google
> Hangouts/Conversat.io/Skype


> Capabilities:-
> ;user management
> ;video conferencing
> ;chat
> ;file transfer
> Must be:-
> ;Open Source licensed
> ;run in Firefox/Iceweasel (bonus if it'll also run in other browsers)
> ;be simple for people to use
> ;platform agnostic
> ;*not* use Java or Ffflash
> ;*not* controlled by someone else (I want to run it from one of my servers)


Kind regards

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