[clug] What do people use for Virtualisation at home?

Craig Small csmall at enc.com.au
Tue Apr 2 22:50:24 MDT 2013

On Tue, Apr 02, 2013 at 03:06:14PM +1100, steve jenkin wrote:
> Or just talk about "Why I use what I use".
vmware player is ok, the server is a pain to setup especially with the
later versions which need a windows computer to do some functions.
The player also has to play the "the kernel changed, now my modules
won't compile again" game which gets old quickly.

I use KVM with the libvirt GUI tools and it just works for most things.
Some odd (I think broken on purpose but not sure) vmdks won't run
properly but anything you build yourself seems ok.

I looked at XEN but KVM seemed a simpler setup for me. virtualbox
didn't look free enough and I couldn't be bothered reading all the fine
print of what was in or "extra".

I use it mainly for testing/breaking software I write, for example what
wierdness has kFreeBSD got in its /proc directory. I rarely connect to
the host now and just use the libvirt tools remotely to it.

 - Craig

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