[clug] Don't laugh, please: McAfee CDs for free [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Ellis, Peter MR peter.ellis at defence.gov.au
Wed Sep 26 01:22:31 MDT 2012



It did NOT go out to PCUG. 

I currently have four left, having been to a social group last night and had 6 taken. (I winged another one, that was not counted earlier.) I'm off to another meeting tonight where I will be offering them, in light of no response from this group (unexpected???).


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On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 2:47 PM, Ellis, Peter MR <peter.ellis at defence.gov.au> wrote:

> An acquaintance has offered me 9 current (2012) McAfee CDs. <snip>

We must all be getting mellow and tolerant in our collective old ages.
Not a single rant about antivirus software and operating systems and the state of the world? I know Peter prefaced his offer with Don't Laugh, but c'mon peoples, where has the passion gone?


Anyway, I'm curious Pete, did this offer go out to PCUG as well? I'm wondering about the PCUG:CLUG response ratio. (Oops, I may have skewed the figures by responding)

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