[clug] MySQL DBA / sysadmin engineer in Australia/NZ (Open Query)

Arjen Lentz arjen at lentz.com.au
Tue Sep 25 17:17:07 MDT 2012


Arjen & gang are looking for skilled and enthusiastic colleagues!

At Open Query, we aim to provide a low/no-stress work environment. See it as a lifestyle choice rather than a job. We offer ongoing part-time contracts with a guaranteed minimum number of hours, as well as an agreed maximum. So you can have more free time, or do other things. We pay decent rates so you may find that part-time is quite sufficient for your life needs. Yes, we're flexible, but we do take commitments seriously.


 - Live in Australia or New Zealand, with permission to work;
 - intermediate/advanced/guru level practical skills in MySQL/MariaDB schema/query design, server tuning (decent DBA skills/experience), replication (do you know MMM?);
 - intermediate/advanced/guru level skills in system and network administration;
 - expertise with common dev and deployment infrastructure (mainly RHEL/Debian based Linux);
 - self-motivated, ability to work independently (from anywhere - good Internet access required);
 - excellent written/verbal English.
 - Being a small company, the range of possible work tasks can be quite diverse, although you are not required to be able to do everything. That said, your application will be more highly regarded if you exhibit a broad range of skills and interests (showing you're motivated and a quick learner), both directly technical and otherwise.

Desirable abilities

 - Configuration of Apache, nginx;
 - PHP, Java, Ruby and other scripting languages;
 - shell and Perl scripting.

Optional extras

 - comfortable public speaker;
 - freedom to travel without restriction;
 - C/C++ programming.


Range of possible tasks

 - remote (and on-site consulting) on MySQL and related technologies;
 - development of internal and external supporting tools, documentation;
 - blog posts;
 - work on internal infrastructure/systems.

Other tasks

 - development of training materials, tutorials, how-tos, short articles, blog posts;
assisting OSS projects and public forums with MySQL expertise;
 - speaking and helping out at user groups and conferences;
 - teaching highly interactive Open Query course days for MySQL and related technologies.

Core Technologies

 - Ubuntu Linux
 - MySQL/MariaDB
 - Redmine project management
 - Drupal 6 (openquery domains)
 - WordPress (blogs)
 - IRC, Skype

Sounds Good! What Next?

Detailed applications (resume in plain txt please) to:
   j o b s (at) o p e n q u e r y (dot) c o m

Asking questions is encouraged! You want the gig, you "work" for it. Your initial message to us may already indicate inventiveness, attitude, approach, and so on. (For instance, sending us an MS Word DOC or DOCX file containing your resume is a fail. Feel free to use MS Word, as long as you communicate in a format that others can deal with easily.)

We'll get back to you with some questions to assess your DBA, sysadmin and problem solving skills, and after that we'll have a chat in person, on the phone or over skype.

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