[clug] SSD drives and lots of writes

Kim Holburn kim.holburn at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 04:46:04 MDT 2012

On 2012/Sep/24, at 7:45 PM, Arjen Lentz wrote:

> Hi Alex
>>> I have had SSDs run out of writes on me.
>>> Admittedly that was one of the things I was intending to measure,
>>> but I was using it in a desktop not a server environment.
>> What were you doing? Where these early model disks (eg pre-2000) or
>> something more recent?
> 2009 or thereabouts, IIRC.
> Linux desktop - doing browser stuff, some file editing, bzr repo stuff, compiling.
> It was of course an earlier generation SSD, but not that ancient.
> On the other hand, I put OCZs in a laptop, and it's still going fine a few years later.
> The laptop SSD I prepped and also tuned the filesystem and OS to behave more properly for the SSD. And another brand, later model, etc.
> I'd say it's definitely beneficial to do the proper preparation and tuning - at least it won't hurt and just takes a bit of time. less hassle in the long run, probably.

So, what do you mean by the proper preparation and tuning?


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