[clug] VOIP handset phones for home

Michael James clug3 at james.st
Tue Sep 4 02:30:49 MDT 2012

On 03/09/2012, at 11:02 PM, Paul Wayper wrote:

> There's got to be a few people using VOIP handsets at home.
>  My analogue phone just died and I decided "why not get a networked one?"
>  But I don't really want an office phone,
> and I don't really want one that has to boot up off a BootP server
> and requires massive twiddling of firmwares
> and XML configuration files in order to work
> (you can tell I've had to do a bit with the Polycoms at work).
> Any recommendations?

I've used a Siemens Gigaset from MyNetFone for years
 and am very happy with it. Call quality is as good as fixed line.

That's after having lots of problems and shocking audio quality
 from cordless POTS handsets working through Linksys 102 VOIP boxes.


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