[clug] [WOT] Apple Store Canberra: 10AM Sat 8-Sept, Canberra Centre

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Tue Sep 4 01:41:05 MDT 2012

Wildly Off-topic.

More hype, more B/S and more uncritical hero-worship than a Tony Robbins

Apple Store Canberra
Canberra Centre, 148 Bunda Street
Canberra ACT 2601
02 6224 9500

For those of you with Family who inspire you to find/wear a Tee-shirt
bearing "No, I won't fix your computer", you now have somewhere to point

You can honestly say: "If you want to fix your Windows Security
Problems, here is I solution I (and you) will be happy with."

yes, they have to buy into the Apple Ecosystem and have someone
permanently digging into their wallet, but they won't bug you nearly as

[I've met enough people who are "Anything But Apple" (mostly pro-Google)
versus the "Microsoft is the One True Religion" believers]

BUT, Apple stores offer real support and real training at a modest cost.
IIRC ~$100 to buy personal support for a year.
Book on-line, go in and get personal training/help.

My sister the Somewhat Difficult Single Primary School Teacher signed up
and they were unfailingly polite and helpful to her. More than I could
do :-)

Best thing I can recommend about OS/X products: Time Machine.
A lot more than just "backups":
  snapshots and rebuild/upgrade system with single question...

If all you've ever seen/used is Winders, then Apple stuff is "Insanely

If you have some clue and are able to Think for Yourself, you're on this
list using Linux :-)

This isn't meant to be pro-Apple, nor flame-bait.

But given the nature of this list and the many types of humour and/or
philosophical position w.r.t. Software, Patents and Insanely Great
Ripoffs, I'm hoping a bunch of you will jump onto the thread and speak
your minds.


PS: Disclosure.
I own a 2006 PPC Mac Mini and a 2010 Intel Mac Mini that I use for my
daily desktop. "sacrificial security" and a way to pay the Corporate IT
Compatibility Tax (to read .doc files etc)

Steve Jenkin, Info Tech, Systems and Design Specialist.
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