[clug] GNOME 3 in trouble according to El reg. True or a beat up?

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 16:22:40 MST 2012

On 11/11/12 01:19, Hal Ashburner wrote:
> Can I also say, as someone who uses and recommends Gnome 3, that every time
> I've used KDE 2, 3 or 4 I've found it highly agreeable and usable and
> consider it a job well done. To be fair, likewise winfce. I'm sure I'd have
> no issues with many of the other x.org window managers and so on.
> I'm sure there's a reason for the fuss that seems to burst out every couple
> of years about "linux GUI/Desktop environment/whatever" but I've never
> worked out what that reason is beyond silly ones. Maybe it turns out that
> I'm not a total muppet (although probably mostly that way) so can work out
> how to use whatever-it-is *before* passing judgement on their UI decisions
> and drafting mail to lists using words like "evil" "death" "stupid",
> "retarded", "chemical fire", "drugs", and "steak with chips".
> I'm a bit unorthodox in that I look for good things. I say, deal with that
> you f**king muppet a-hole blow-holes who take another approach other than
> finding the things you like and using them.

1++  and thanks for articulating something I find extremely irritating.

> But obviously I'm not very nice at all and I'm really am sorry for that.

Nice? Or just not in agreement with a minority of vocal, overly
conservative, self-centred, ignorant, Askholes who get upset every time
something changes. Or maybe you're one of those elitist "smart asses"
(the antithesis being?) (haterz gotta hate)?
They also tend to complain about "big gubment", bad weather, and sharp
corners on furniture?  The sort of people who don't realise TL;DR often
means Too Lazy;Doubly Recalcitrant (and all seem to have no neck, one
eyebrow, and the sort of forehead that keeps soap out of their eyes when
forced to shower).

At the same time as wanting their favourite (fickles have favourites?)
desktop stay the same - they also demand the cutting edge, stability
(which only comes from *years* of testing), and that others subscribe to
their delusion that "Open Source" (which they don't understand) is
somehow just for them.
$Insert_DE_Here isn't building what *I* want - those btards are
scratching their own itches - hey most of them are sponsored by
*companies* - they serve the devils agenda (quick gather rocks and
bundles of faggots).  Commence lemming rush from pulseaudio to jack[*1],
from GNOME to XFCE whatever. Oh those bad developers have the loyalty of
lizards with no tails!(spare no hypocrisy) Lets all move to
Trinity/Whatever (and flood their forums with retarded demands - "This
DE is cr*p (help me RTFM)"
Most of the Askholes are enchanted by the "free showbag" phenomena -
they spend their time drooling over commercial offerings - then demand
that someone give them the same thing in "Open Source", but want to be
able to boast about how superior their "Open" desktop is without pausing
to consider that all that added functionality is impossible without
plasma, or udev, or removing Xorg.conf (or users taking the time to
think, and then compose a constructive bug report, then following
through with testing).
Should I even mention the OOo vs. LO meme?

Both GNOME, and KDE decided to change their framework several years ago
to avoid forking into desktops for portable devices, and desktops for,
um, desktops. Then there's this thing called touchscreens (sigh).  All
that means changes, but no... bring on the pitchforks and flaming
torches carried by an army of moochers intent on burning down the castle
where those snooty developers are hiding. Fair enough - after all
they've happily consumed the work for eons, surely the producers owe
them for that. Dare to suggest that just because the work is free - the
time isn't.
Monday morning lunchroom football coaches, in a land where anyone can
play if they want, don't get much sympathy from me.

Guess that's just a sign that "Linux" has become mainstream - bring on
the demands to have all the documentation on Twitfeed and YouTuba... oh
wait, it's been proposed before (amongst the demands that the first page
of Debian.org should feature instruction on how Ewebuntards can restore
their Win7 MBR).

Of course I'm not really serious, it's just a ploy to get free rock for
the new driveway hand delivered. ;-p

If I've offended people - please refer to Linus Torvalds advice to the
offended. (and stop eating your crayons)

[*1] wait till they try and stream music between their "smart (it's
relative to the owner) phone" and their desktop.

> Hal
> On 11 November 2012 00:59, Chris Smart <clug at christophersmart.com> wrote:
>> On 05/11/12 19:16, steve jenkin wrote:
>>> A friend sent me this link. I was wondering if it was just a beat up or
>>> 'real'. Anyone know?? [I use KDE, have never like GNOME].
>>> <http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/11/04/state_of_gnome/print.html>
>> Debian has gone back to GNOME by default:

Only if you call the "chicken install" (stick bread on Enter key, get
the chicken to do the install) the "default". Otherwise LXDE, Gnome,
KDE, and XFCE are still on the net install. The lowest common
denominator (results of popcon) determines the "default", and 10000
installs of GNOME in popcon results may not equal 10000 boxes running
GNOME (just two Askholes with time on their hands and a refusal to read
the docs?).
The Debian Universal Operating System "default" is GNOME, hybrid i386
32/64-bit, with a Linux kernel. With the recommendation that people use
the net install CD (for the i386 GNU/Linux).
But there's a reason why it's the Universal Operation System  The full
choice is dozens of DEs, three kernels, and almost every major
architecture. Calling it the default is a bit like calling the Pacific
the Specific (but "everybody" says..)

>> <
>> http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=tasksel/tasksel.git;a=commitdiff;h=56f8dffd7e7d0cd013a1251e1f12a4a1124262d7;hp=647899dc4d24f0a7b285df63bcf61279bd8eba68
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Disclaimer - I use Debian, DE of choice is KDE on desktops, fluxbox on
low-end devices, konsole and screen for servers (the all black desktop
with the retro mono fonts in white - way hipster). I also use Stable for
most builds, research before I buy hardware - and have spent the better
part of the last two decades getting exactly what it promised on the
box, though I did have to do some reading (which made my lips sore) and
research (which hurts - my brain cell! my brain cell!).

Sure "Linux" has it's failings, but you can only stumble when you're
moving forwards.

Kind regards

Honey - where's my sledgehammer and walnuts?

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