[clug] Boring-old-Fart thought: Open Source is today's Big Public Project, like the Snowy Hydo Scheme

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Mar 22 17:41:57 MDT 2012

Seeing a couple of TV programs recently made me think about my legacy of

Over 20 years, I probably wrote 20-25k lines of code/year, or ~0.5M LOC.
All of which is now gone, even though I worked on systems for large
organisations still around.

Perhaps this is a useful hook for those teaching Computer Science and
Programming, telling students:

 If you want some of your work to endure, Open Source is the only means.

You don't have to be Larry Wall, Linus or Tridge. The Source Code
systems maintain names and dates for everyone/everything.

Which is apart from the obvious "building a code portfolio" to answer
the question 'show me what you've done', which you'd hope the better
companies are now asking routinely.


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