[clug] The Rioters, they are complaining

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 16:01:02 MST 2012

On 25/01/12 09:39, jm wrote:
> Hate to agree with Mike, but he seems to be right. Someone offered
> to help and got criticised for being "patronising".  Though this
> could be a simple case of someone meaning something with a word or
> phrase and someone else placing an interpretation completely at the
> other end of the spectrum to what was meant by the author. If you
> write something simple your patronising; If you go into great depth
> your being elitist or something else. Catch 22.
> Just offer to help, or you just did Mikal did, point the to 
> help/information which is close at hand.

> You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

If you have to lead a horse to water there's something wrong with it's
nose or it's brain (or the water).

You *can* make a horse drink (they can't breathe through their mouths) -
but why bother.

It's like one of the other sarcastic precepts like "never look a gift
horse in the mouth" (unless vets aren't free, and the gifter wasn't a
Greek).  And flies do like vinegar.... :-D

Main think is that the RiotACT, and SlushDirt, exist because they appeal
to the lowest common denominator. That appeal is not accidental.

> Jeff.
> On 25/01/12 9:13 AM, Michael Still wrote:
>> On 25/01/12 09:10, Mike Carden wrote:
>>> I just read the comment thread. My take on it is, "Don't feed the
>>> trolls".
>>> Turns out that some people just don't *want* to know. IMHO,
>>> that's up to them and I'll not waste my time trying to educate
>>> them.
>> But but but there is someone wrong on the internet...

No. The internet is perfect (reflection of the world) :-) It's the world
that's a little broken - see youtube comments for more information.

>> Mikal

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