[clug] Looking for work placement for son

Rob Bolin Rob at unigon.tv
Mon Aug 6 04:50:35 MDT 2012

Hi everyone,

My son is looking for an IT based work placement as part of his schooling.

His interests are: "Programming, troubleshooting, hardware and software 
maintenence and networking."

His experience is "HTML coding, basic loops with batch files, command through 
a game server, cert II level computer operating compentency e.g. MS Office, 
Troubleshooting school computers connecting mutiple comtuters to the school's 
network (fairly basic as we cannot gain admin rights), Successfully 
troubleshooting and maintaining hardware and software on three home computers 
and I sometimes assist with troubleshooting applications at the local computer 

His work placement is from 10 to 14 September.

If you can help, please let me know.


Vincit qui se se vincit
(He is the victor who is victorious over himself)

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