[clug] Juniors in Canberra - where to get experience?

Daniel Black daniel.subs at internode.on.net
Sat Jun 25 22:12:02 MDT 2011

On Sun, 26 Jun 2011 11:53:42 AM Francis Whittle wrote:
> So these specific positions advertised around are all great and that,
> but there seems to me to be a massive gap at more or less the beginning
> of the field if you don't have commercial experience already.  So if you
> want to gain the specific experience, you have some hard to demonstrate
> (in a resume) Linux skills

There are a significant number of open source or community projects that can 
use system admin skill (case.org.au springs to mind as a local organisation).

Non-commercial Linux skills are just as valuable as commercial Linux skills to 
me however potentially other employeers may see this differently.

> , however any skills you had with MS systems
> were, say, obsoleted with the demise of Windows NT4, where can you go in
> Canberra?

There is a responsibility for anyone in the IT industry to keep their skills 
current. There are still some process aspects of managing NT4 networks still 
relevant for office networks of all sizes. Its up to you to highlight these in 
your job presentation.

> Am I missing something obvious?  Is the field just that barren?

Certially a bit dry perhaps. I'll see whether a junior requirement exists 
within a few months. At least you'll know what I'm looking for :-).

Best wishes to all,


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