[clug] Juniors in Canberra - where to get experience?

Aeriana aeri-clug at quasarnet.org
Sat Jun 25 21:19:35 MDT 2011

Francis Whittle wrote:
> So these specific positions advertised around are all great and that,
> but there seems to me to be a massive gap at more or less the beginning
> of the field if you don't have commercial experience already.  So if you
> want to gain the specific experience, you have some hard to demonstrate
> (in a resume) Linux skills, however any skills you had with MS systems
> were, say, obsoleted with the demise of Windows NT4, where can you go in
> Canberra?
> Am I missing something obvious?  Is the field just that barren?

I wouldn't say the field is that barren. Not sure if the APS is your cup 
of tea but often there are APS4 tech roles that are your beginning of 
the field types.

You'll often find that for those roles, the selection criteria will say 
something along the lines of "demonstrate the willingness to learn x, y 
and z."



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