[clug] Acer beTouch E130 (Android 1.6) smartphone (linux Digest, Vol 97, Issue 6, Message 6)

Miles Goodhew mgoodhew at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 23:32:08 MST 2011


> Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2011 16:00:48 +1100
> From: Michael Still <mikal at stillhq.com>
> To: Robert Edwards <bob at cs.anu.edu.au>
> Message-ID: <4D254C80.4090604 at stillhq.com>
>On 1/6/11 3:25 PM, Robert Edwards wrote:
>> I am currently setting up the Android SDK on my Lucid desktop so that
>> I can "hack" the ConnectBot code, I hope. Gonna take a while, though.
> Is ConnectBot open source?

  ConnectBot is under The Apache 2.0 license:
  FWIW, I also use the "Full Keyboard" app (Again, from the
marketplace) - which is an Input Method Engine (IME) allowing all
ctrl-key keystrokes. It has many bugs (you will find them!) and is of
indeterminate license/openness (default: dead->closed):
  It "works for me" on an HTC Desire under both 2.1 Eclair and 2.2
Friand (I don't like that other "F" name), Under 1.6 Donut and a
different vendor, YMMV for the functionality of this.

  Changing IME's is a bit of an arcane incantation (Assuming you've
installed the new IME already):
  * Focus a text field (e.g. "Search" box) to bring-up current IME keyboard
  * Long-tap field to bring-up context menu
  * Select "Input Method" from the menu
  * Select "Full Keyboard" from the options menu
  * Should be able to use the new IME now, possibly hiding/reopening
onscreen keyboard.

  Another notable onscreen keyboard in the market is 8Pen. Not useful
for SSH access, but interesting nonetheless.

 I have several Bluetooth keyboards I'd be willing to lend some people
to see if they work with your Android phones. They definitely do not
for the HTC Desire (Infact Bluetooth connectivity got worse in the 2.2
update)  and I've heard rumours this is due to legacy (1.6 era) BT
drivers HTC put in. So I'm hoping other vendors' offerings might be
more BT friendly.


Miles Goodhew,
Executive Computer Scientist

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