[clug] IPv6 for home

miloska miloska at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 18:11:55 MST 2011

> Please do my homework for me. I'm obsessed with the desire to experience
> animated turtles, but not obsessed enough to have done any research at all.

My setup is much simpler, no green cables at all!

What I did:
- tried to be clever and use an external router instead of the one the
ISP provided
- failed badly with MikroTik
- upgraded my ISP router's firmware to support IPv6
- enable IPv6 on both WAN and LAN side
- changed the ADSL username from example at internode.whatever to
example at ipv6.internode.whatever
- it works

If you need the internal DNS to resolve public DNS only (no intranet
DNS settings) I guess you can set this up in the router the ISP
provided - also probably that box have DNS cache function built in.
I had issues with DNS before, I just switched over to and have
no trouble since.

I think as a first step it's easier to use the ISP provided gear and
if that works move forward to a custom built one.



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