[clug] SFD - Canberra - Post event report

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Sun Sep 19 20:16:22 MDT 2010

On 20/09/10 11:48, Lana Brindley wrote:
> On 20 September 2010 10:19, Robert Edwards<bob at cs.anu.edu.au>  wrote:
>> On 19/09/10 21:17, Daniel Black wrote:
>>> I'd like to thank Linux Australia for their decision to fund the Software
>>> Freedom Day at a computer fair ($140 though the grants program).
>>> The day attracted 7 volunteers the majority of which attended the market
>>> from
>>> 10am opening time until a ~2:30pm close. In this time we talked to ~300
>>> (very
>>> rough estimate) people about software freedom.
>>> Some comments talking to people are:
>>> * there were a considerable number already using a free/open source
>>> operating
>>> systems predominately Linux
>>> * few expressed any major disatification with Linux
>>> * questions related to disatisification seem to:
>>>   * choice paralysis - there's so much linux to choose from
>>>   * hardware specific issues (e.g. 3G USB devices);
>>>   * dependance on an application Photoshop/games; or
>>>   * disatisification that relate to low software quality and design (that
>>> isn't
>>> FOSS specific).
>>> * A number of visitors where keen to give Linux a go and expressed pain
>>> about
>>> their current lack of freedoms as a deciding factor.
>>> Some metrics:
>>> * 14 people signed up to the canberra linux users group via a paper signup
>>> list and a number expessed an interest in participating whilst not signing
>>> up;
>>> * 7 people signed up to an interest to come to an install fest on the 25th
>>> to
>>> assist them installing linux and a number of others expressed a desire to
>>> attend.
>>> Over 24 Tuz (LCA2009) where given away covering what we believe to be
>>> every
>>> child (and a few significantly older children) that walked through the
>>> place
>>> (and was interested with parental concent). Many LCA09 t-shirts, notepads
>>> and
>>> bags were given away.
>>> 50+ CD were given away - predominately Ubuntu 10.04 burned onto Linux
>>> Australia CDs. A few OpenCDs (well DVDs) where also given away.
>>> The giving spirit propergated to a nearby stall holder who donated free CD
>>> sleeves and this will be used with the remaining LA blank CDs for future
>>> events.
>>> A OLPC was displayed and recognised a reasonable number of stall visitors.
>>> A
>>> reasonable number of people were curious supsequently impressed at the
>>> quality
>>> and cost of the device and its philanthropic cause.
>>> Further questions welcome offlist. I'll post a summary of Q&A to the LA
>>> list
>>> only rather than answer every question on-list or further cross-posting.
>>> Thanks for all the volunteers, those that attended, those that
>>> participated in
>>> the leadup that made this happen, and thanks Linux Australia for your
>>> funding
>>> and material stock.
>>> Daniel Black
>>> (organiser SFD Canberra)
>> And a huge thanks from the Canberra FOSS community to yourself, Toby and
>> Lana for organising the stall and making it look great (and buying
>> the lollies...).
>> Cheers,
>> Bob Edwards.
> Yep, big thanks to Daniel for all the hard work he put in to organising.
> Also, thanks to everyone who showed up. It was good to see you all again.
> Hey, I've got an idea ... how about we start planning a LUV-style SFD for
> 2011 *now*?
> (Oh, and Bob? Those lollies were nearly the undoing of me on Saturday!)

So, should we plan for more lollies for next year, or less? :-)

> L

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