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Lana Brindley lanabrindley at gmail.com
Sun Sep 19 19:48:04 MDT 2010

On 20 September 2010 10:19, Robert Edwards <bob at cs.anu.edu.au> wrote:

> On 19/09/10 21:17, Daniel Black wrote:
>> I'd like to thank Linux Australia for their decision to fund the Software
>> Freedom Day at a computer fair ($140 though the grants program).
>> The day attracted 7 volunteers the majority of which attended the market
>> from
>> 10am opening time until a ~2:30pm close. In this time we talked to ~300
>> (very
>> rough estimate) people about software freedom.
>> Some comments talking to people are:
>> * there were a considerable number already using a free/open source
>> operating
>> systems predominately Linux
>> * few expressed any major disatification with Linux
>> * questions related to disatisification seem to:
>>  * choice paralysis - there's so much linux to choose from
>>  * hardware specific issues (e.g. 3G USB devices);
>>  * dependance on an application Photoshop/games; or
>>  * disatisification that relate to low software quality and design (that
>> isn't
>> FOSS specific).
>> * A number of visitors where keen to give Linux a go and expressed pain
>> about
>> their current lack of freedoms as a deciding factor.
>> Some metrics:
>> * 14 people signed up to the canberra linux users group via a paper signup
>> list and a number expessed an interest in participating whilst not signing
>> up;
>> * 7 people signed up to an interest to come to an install fest on the 25th
>> to
>> assist them installing linux and a number of others expressed a desire to
>> attend.
>> Over 24 Tuz (LCA2009) where given away covering what we believe to be
>> every
>> child (and a few significantly older children) that walked through the
>> place
>> (and was interested with parental concent). Many LCA09 t-shirts, notepads
>> and
>> bags were given away.
>> 50+ CD were given away - predominately Ubuntu 10.04 burned onto Linux
>> Australia CDs. A few OpenCDs (well DVDs) where also given away.
>> The giving spirit propergated to a nearby stall holder who donated free CD
>> sleeves and this will be used with the remaining LA blank CDs for future
>> events.
>> A OLPC was displayed and recognised a reasonable number of stall visitors.
>> A
>> reasonable number of people were curious supsequently impressed at the
>> quality
>> and cost of the device and its philanthropic cause.
>> Further questions welcome offlist. I'll post a summary of Q&A to the LA
>> list
>> only rather than answer every question on-list or further cross-posting.
>> Thanks for all the volunteers, those that attended, those that
>> participated in
>> the leadup that made this happen, and thanks Linux Australia for your
>> funding
>> and material stock.
>> Daniel Black
>> (organiser SFD Canberra)
> And a huge thanks from the Canberra FOSS community to yourself, Toby and
> Lana for organising the stall and making it look great (and buying
> the lollies...).
> Cheers,
> Bob Edwards.
Yep, big thanks to Daniel for all the hard work he put in to organising.
Also, thanks to everyone who showed up. It was good to see you all again.

Hey, I've got an idea ... how about we start planning a LUV-style SFD for
2011 *now*?

(Oh, and Bob? Those lollies were nearly the undoing of me on Saturday!)


Cheers! Lana

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