[clug] [for sale - free to good home] Old computing relic - Cassiopeia A-11A

Conrad Canterford conrad at mail.watersprite.com.au
Thu Sep 16 07:53:30 MDT 2010

Well, not that old really, but a real granddaddy of handheld computing

I have a Casio Cassiopeia A-11A in good condition going free to a good
(any) home. Own one of the earliest genuinely handheld general purpose
computing devices from back when such things were a stupid idea that
would never take off!
Dates from around 1997 I think, although this reviewer
http://www.larwe.com/technical/cassiopeia.html seems to suggest he was
looking at buying one in 1999. I have to say I found WinCE 2.0 quite
usable using both keyboard and stylus, and (at the time) didn't find it
half as bad as he suggests. Of course, it is abysmally slow by modern
One owner, low milage. Runs WinCE 2.0 from ROM and has 4Mb RAM. Backup
battery is completely dead, and the stylus is missing - but the
touchscreen works fine with any stylus/pen tip. Still works - I fired it
up this evening with a fresh set of batteries (uses 2xAA alkaline
batteries) and it seems to be completely functional. Sadly, I don't have
any idea where the interface cables for it are, which will be a
complication for interfacing it to anything, nor can I find the manuals
or software for it, although they can probably be found on the web.

Comes in a stylish (or maybe not) genuine Casio black leather-look belt
pouch. The belt stap bit of the pouch is showing that this item was
genuinely used (and poorly made) and the stitching should no longer be
trusted to hold the pouch on a belt.

Pick up from Gundaroo after hours or weekend, or weekdays from Belconnen
with at least 24 hours notice.

If no-one is interested, I'll try to EBay it, and if that fails, bin it.


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