[clug] Software Freedom Day - Yes this Saturday

Daniel Black daniel.subs at internode.on.net
Wed Sep 15 06:51:42 MDT 2010


I'm desparately seeking volunteers for Canberra Software Freedom Day at 
Canberra Bus Depot Markets. Your assistance will be desired on *Saturday* 
between 9am for setup, opening at 10am and finishing around 2pm.

Entry will be free if you get your name to me by Friday 10am.

Before the event (like tommorow or friday) I've got a number of blank CDs from 
with Linux Australia branding that I really could use someone burning off and 
labling your favourite assortment of Free Software CDs. Also thanks to LA is 
two boxes full of Tuz, with notepads and t-shirts some of which will be given 
away at SFD. A select special few will be reserved for volunteers so tell me 
your size when you volunteer.

I'd also like someone with access to a corporate or goverment laser printer to 
print out and gilloutine some flyers for the install fest on the 25th (Pia 
came up with a newbie friendly name a year or so back if anyone can remember).

Unlike other years we don't have access to a range of printed material. If you 
have a stockpile bring it along or let me know where it can be collected. If 
you want to design/print some bookmarks that would be really great.

One the day I will be bringing my computer to loop through a display for Free 
software benefits.

I'd like someone else to bring their own computer monitor/keyboard/mouse to 
demonstrate and interaction with free software. I'd also like to borrow 
someone's speakers for a display.

If you can help out phone 0410864448 or email me.


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