[clug] verifying mbox format

Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Sat Sep 11 04:02:46 MDT 2010

Can't you just use pine or claws or any of a number of clients to read  
mbox files?  Mutt? As I recall if there is a file named mbox in your  
home directory pine will read it.  Claws-mail may be even more  
flexible but I haven't used it.

I don't think any actual info from the "^From " lines (the envelop  
lines) apart from those first 5 characters and the line number are  
necessary or should be used by any programs anyway.  All the info is  
in the email headers.

Oh and formail:

On 2010/Sep/09, at 6:16 PM, Brad Hards wrote:

> Inspired by Steve Jenkin's recent post, I wondered about how to  
> validate
> "mbox" format files.
> [Background: I'm turning Microsoft Exchange messages into mbox, as  
> part of the
> openchange work (the command line tool is called "exchange2mbox").  
> Search for
> MS-OXCMAIL for more information.]
> As I understand it, there is no "one true mbox". In any case, I'm  
> mostly
> interested in "does it work", rather than "is it absolutely  
> conformant".
> My current plan is to build a simple python script that checks that  
> the output
> is roughly consistent from various tools.
> Suggestions for things that use mbox format and are reasonably  
> scriptable?
> So far, I'm planning to try
> 1. the internal python mailbox.mbox parser
> 2. mbox2eml
> Brad
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