[clug] verifying mbox format

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Fri Sep 10 19:16:04 MDT 2010

On Friday, September 10, 2010 09:44:02 pm Paul Wayper wrote:
> > My current plan is to build a simple python script that checks that the
> > output is roughly consistent from various tools.
> > 
> > Suggestions for things that use mbox format and are reasonably
> > scriptable?
> 3. Perl's Mail::MBox::MessageParser module
Will give that a try. Perl isn't my thing...

> 4. the 'Windows MBox Viewer' program:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/mbox-viewer/
Did you manage to build this? Looks like the buildsystem (at least) is 
> 5. The 'Thunderbird mbox import/expoert extension':
> http://mywheel.net/blog/index.php/2006/05/05/thunderbird-mbox-importexport-
> extension/
Is this meant to be scriptable? I don't see how to call this from python / 
command line....

> Presumably scripting can also send an email to your favourite
> mbox-compatible mail reader, and then check that the email was stored in
> the same manner as you expect your exchange2mbox exporter to.
I'd need to round-trip it via Exchange, which leaves it vulnerable to my mail 
sending code.


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