[clug] Install Fest ( 25th Sept 2010 )

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Tue Sep 7 02:24:40 MDT 2010

jeff wrote:
> * Installation image server and gateway - Amitay
> Scott - thank for the offer of the servers. I'm hoping that Paul's 
> server which Amitay is overhauling will be enough.
> Steve - You said you've got a server that was previously used for 
> this. bring it along as a backup server in case Murphy pays a visit.
OK, I'll update it off the mirror and have it ready to go.
> * Network switch and cables
> - Steve Walsh
> - if you showing up on the day it still might be a good idea to bring 
> your own cabling as well as a monitor.
Confirming I have 2 x 48-port 100Mb Switches and a decent tubful of 5m 
patch leads. I can probably also dig up extension cords and powerboards 
if needed at short notice.
> * Blank CDs and DVDs to burn to.
I haven't heard anything, but I'm going to bring the spindles of Linux 
Aus DVD's this Thursday.


Steve Walsh, RHCE
Some random guy who does things with linux and conference networks

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