[clug] Install Fest ( 25th Sept 2010 )

jeff jeffm at ghostgun.com
Mon Sep 6 00:59:47 MDT 2010

  This is a summary post to give an idea of the status. For exact 
details of what someone said they were going to do see their original 
email. As a related aside, what's happening with SFD?

Outstanding Items:
    * Power boards and extension cables
    * Things I've forgotten to mention
    * Flyers to promote it at the SFD stand and else where.
    *  Sanity as pointed out by Steve :-).

People on the day:
  Lana Brindley
  Mike Carden
  Amitay Isaacs
  Denise Bates
  Paul Wayer
  Ivan Lazar Miljenoniv (may be)

* Installation image server and gateway - Amitay

Scott - thank for the offer of the servers. I'm hoping that Paul's 
server which Amitay is overhauling will be enough.
Steve - You said you've got a server that was previously used for this. 
bring it along as a backup server in case Murphy pays a visit.

* Network switch and cables
        - Steve Walsh
        - if you showing up on the day it still might be a good idea to 
bring your own cabling as well as a monitor.

* Drinks and food
    - Paul snacks, coffee, and tea.

* Signs
     - Paul

* CD and DVD images of FOSS software.
* Blank CDs and DVDs to burn to.
     - Paul

* Demo/Talk - Ivan if he makes it on the day. Anyone else like to do a 
talk or demo some software?


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[ An invite to volunteer ]

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