[clug] [OT] networked remote controlled power sockets

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Wed Nov 10 14:16:38 MST 2010

On Thursday, November 11, 2010 07:48:51 am steve jenkin wrote:
>  - Does anyone think these are a good or bad idea for homes?
>    Esp. how do TV's and other equipment with 'standby' react?
I can tell you how my TV and set-top box will likely respond - they'll be fine. 
We turn them off at the wall after we're finished watching them (i.e. its off 
about 95% of each day).

>  - What about in offices? (PC + LCD ?)
Similar. In this case, the switches are a bit hard to reach under the desk, 
but a foot switch (about $50 IIRC, from officeworks) fixed that. The only thing 
that doesn't like to be powered on and off is the Billion ADSL 2 router, so 
that goes on a direct connection.

Our microwave oven also gets turned off at the wall most of the time (partly 
because we often leave the door open to make sure it dries out, and the light 
was really annoying).


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