[clug] cheap pvr

Hal hal.ashburner at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 08:41:02 MDT 2010

On 03/22/2010 04:07 PM, Angus Gratton wrote:
> Hal wrote on 22/03/10 2:21 AM:
>> I Wonder if it would work on MIPS.
> What kind of MIPS device are you thinking of? In my experience, the
> CPU overhead of saving a DVB stream to disk is low, but the I/O
> demands are reasonable.
> I know my MIPS router (Asus WL-500gP) is fairly limited in I/O
> bandwidth over USB, and although I haven't tried I think it would
> struggle reading a DVB-T stream from the USB tuner and then saving to
> the USB disk in realtime. To give you an idea of the bandwidth
> requirements, I think the entire DVB-T transport stream (as read from
> the tuner card) can be up to 23Mbps in Australia. Individual channel
> bitrates in the range of 10-12Mbps for HD, 2-6Mbps for SD. Even if you
> can't save it, you might be able to restream it straight back out over
> the network, though.
> You piqued my interest and I had a quick look on the OpenWRT site.
> Lots of people talking about using USB DVB adapters, but I couldn't
> find any confirmed success stories.
> On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 7:44 AM, steve jenkin<sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au>  wrote:
>> Anyone on the list used/know about BDA devices?
> As I understand it, BDA is a driver layer between the hardware and
> Windows video layers. So the vendor provides a device-specific driver
> that implements BDA's API, and then any application that uses "BDA"
> can access it. So it, by itself, is not really of any use to Linux.
> :(.
> Here's an almost identical (supposedly also Linux-compatible) tuner
> for a few cents cheaper:
> http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.8309
> FWIW, I picked up a different (now discontinued) cheapie DVB tuner
> from DealExtreme a few years ago, and it worked as well as a much more
> expensive AverMedia one that I had.
> One thing to watch with Dealextreme is that they sometimes silently
> swap unavailable products for "equivalent" ones, which can mean
> swapping a Linux-compatible chipset for a non-Linux-compatible one.
> You'll often see it being complained about in a particular product's
> Forum/Review section.
Hey Angus.
Asus wl700gE with PATA hard disk
and then someone claims to have done it with a wl500gP which would be a 
lot cheaper.


PVR for < $200?
(but probably with a bunch of hassle - not the thing for your parents if 
they're much like mine).

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