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Angus Gratton indogus at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 23:07:29 MDT 2010

Hal wrote on 22/03/10 2:21 AM:
> I Wonder if it would work on MIPS.

What kind of MIPS device are you thinking of? In my experience, the
CPU overhead of saving a DVB stream to disk is low, but the I/O
demands are reasonable.

I know my MIPS router (Asus WL-500gP) is fairly limited in I/O
bandwidth over USB, and although I haven't tried I think it would
struggle reading a DVB-T stream from the USB tuner and then saving to
the USB disk in realtime. To give you an idea of the bandwidth
requirements, I think the entire DVB-T transport stream (as read from
the tuner card) can be up to 23Mbps in Australia. Individual channel
bitrates in the range of 10-12Mbps for HD, 2-6Mbps for SD. Even if you
can't save it, you might be able to restream it straight back out over
the network, though.

You piqued my interest and I had a quick look on the OpenWRT site.
Lots of people talking about using USB DVB adapters, but I couldn't
find any confirmed success stories.

On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 7:44 AM, steve jenkin <sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au> wrote:
> Anyone on the list used/know about BDA devices?

As I understand it, BDA is a driver layer between the hardware and
Windows video layers. So the vendor provides a device-specific driver
that implements BDA's API, and then any application that uses "BDA"
can access it. So it, by itself, is not really of any use to Linux.

Here's an almost identical (supposedly also Linux-compatible) tuner
for a few cents cheaper:

FWIW, I picked up a different (now discontinued) cheapie DVB tuner
from DealExtreme a few years ago, and it worked as well as a much more
expensive AverMedia one that I had.

One thing to watch with Dealextreme is that they sometimes silently
swap unavailable products for "equivalent" ones, which can mean
swapping a Linux-compatible chipset for a non-Linux-compatible one.
You'll often see it being complained about in a particular product's
Forum/Review section.


- Angus

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