[clug] Mouse problem in Xorg (maybe?)

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Wed Mar 3 20:13:58 MST 2010

"Rob Bolin" <rob at unigon.tv> writes:

> I’m looking for a clue to solving a problem I have on two of my kids
> computers recently. Both computers were recently reinstalled with Debian
> testing (using the current xorg and xfce4). The problem is that the mouse on
> both computers is out of sync with the GUI i.e. when the cursor is sitting
> on the left side of the screen, the computer thinks it’s in the middle of
> the screen. I apologise if that isn’t terribly clear but I’m at a loss to
> try to explain it better, and as a consequence, what little Google-foo I
> possess has deserted me as well.

O_o  That is an ... exciting new issue.

Let me try to clarify something:

Do you mean that when the mouse cursor is displayed in the middle of the
screen, and you click the button, it acts on the left hand side of the screen?
(eg: the visible and "real" mouse cursors are offset)

Do you mean that you can only move the cursor over half the size of the
screen?  (eg: it only moves across half the screen, but acts under the visible

Anyway, my best guess is that your system thinks it has two monitors, or
something like that.  Maybe a virtual desktop larger than the physical

Can you post your X log (/var/log/Xorg.0.log, if you use a standard display
manager) to show what the system thinks is going on?  Also, the output of
'xrandr --prop' and 'xinput list', please?[1]

> I think there is a problem with, for want of a better term, the mouse
> location registration in Xorg, but I can’t work out (or find clues to) what
> I need to change where - my reading of Xorg documentation has not been
> illuminating...

...I doubt you would, because there really isn't anything you can adjust in
the mouse that would change that.


[1]  You may need to install the 'xinput' package to get that last command.

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