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Alastair D'Silva alastair at newmillennium.net.au
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> > Don't know is Alastair will admit to his soft side but one reason for
> > spending here is presumably to save the planet rather than his
> Does the one he has still work? If so, any replacement is wasteful.
> The fact that another box had to be manufactured at all tips the
> scales heavily away from the "sensible" end of the scale.

For some values of "work". The NAT on my current unit (which was only a
temporary replacement while my previous unit was out under warranty) is
borked, and won't let me connect to my own mailserver within my network. The
unit that was sent back under warranty has been credited rather than
replaced, so I'm stuck with what was supposed to be a temporary solution.

Of course, the current unit will go on Ebay, preventing someone else from
having to purchase another (new) unit.

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