[clug] Linux and Amateur Radio

Conrad Canterford conrad at mail.watersprite.com.au
Thu Jan 14 13:25:06 MST 2010

On Tue, 2010-01-12 at 21:34 +1100, Mike Carden wrote:
> Life, work and Uni have intervened in
> the meantime but I have dusted off my radio quals to again hold a
> license as an amateur.

I'm thinking of re-entering the amateur radio ranks, after many many
years of inactivity. The main thing holding me back is deciding whether
I get a standard licence or an advanced. I can get a standard without
argument because the ACMA records show that I hold an old Novice
qualification. To get an advanced will require me to dig out some
paperwork to show I was given exemption from having to hold the "full"
theory qualification to hold the limited licence on academic study
grounds, because that information does not appear in ACMAs records. To
be honest, I probably don't need an advanced, but a part of me hates
giving up ground just to avoid an argument with bureaucracy... :-).

> Are there enough Amateur Radio cluggers or cluggers with an interest
> in electronics / radio to start something new, or are the radio / make
> / clug lists enough?

Well, I'd be interested.

My previous experiences with trying to make electronic components into
electronic gadgets have conclusively demonstrated a fundamental
inability to use a soldering iron in a way that results in a functioning
end product. Add to that, my knowledge of the theory is so distant now
that I'd have to re-learn pretty much everything anyway. I'd be more
hindrance than help to anyone else, but I'd be interested in following
along with other peoples work.

(formerly the holder of a novice, then a combined novice/limited amateur
licence under the old licence arrangements).

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