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> On Fri, 08 Jan 2010 00:10:35 +1100, Miles Goodhew wrote:
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> >   I've run a Deskjet 2600 (I think - the parents have it now) Since
> > about Y2K-ish sporadically and mostly using cheap, recycled paper and
> > often with refilled carts (But I gave-up on the bother of that a while
> > ago).
> >   The only possible paper problem I can foresee might be if you put
> > too much in. I think most of their (current) baseline models have 80 pg
> > hoppers. I rarely get close to this, just stuffing 0.5cm or so in at a
> > time.
> Firstly, my thanks to all who were good enough to share their experiences 
> with printers/papers.
> The following additional info might provoke a few more memories.
> Like Lana Brindley, I started my "inkjet-printer career" with a Canon 
> Printer (and Windows 98).  That printer (with supermarket paper) lasted 
> over 6 years.  When the Canon printer breathed its last, I found that 
> Canon did not supply drivers for Linux.
> So I switched to HP.  And that is where the trouble started.  But I am a 
> slow learner, and it took time for the penny to drop.
> My instinct is that the problem relates to the geometry of the paper 
> feed.  The paper feed on my Canon printer was from the top (and assisted 
> by gravity).  On the HP printers, the papers are picked up from a 
> horizontal wad of papers that lies at the front of the printer. So the 
> paper feed gets no help when it has to overcome the surface friction 
> between consecutive sheets.
> If that is the problem, then the right question is:
> Are there any other suppliers of better quality white A4 printing papers 
> in Canberra?
I think Officeworks has the best range of "office" papers.  Closer to home 
there are two specialist stationers in Belconnen, who have a fair range.

> For the record, the cost of buying a ream of printing papers from HP is 
> greater than the cost of my latest printer (HP D2560) from ebay.
> Felix
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> Felix Karpfen
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