[clug] Printer supplies - advice sought (linux Digest, Vol 85, Issue 19, message 7)

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Thu Jan 7 13:45:17 MST 2010

Felix Karpfen wrote:
> My instinct is that the problem relates to the geometry of the paper 
> feed.  The paper feed on my Canon printer was from the top (and assisted 
> by gravity).  On the HP printers, the papers are picked up from a 
> horizontal wad of papers that lies at the front of the printer. So the 
> paper feed gets no help when it has to overcome the surface friction 
> between consecutive sheets.
The horizontal feed in the standard, particularly for larger commercial 
models so I doubt it's a significant issue.  I currently have a (laser) 
Samsung CLP-315 with a horizontal tray and feed it all sorts of crap, 
mainly Office Works home brand paper but also paper I've had floating 
around the house, (laser) transparencies etc.  I've been using lasers 
like this for years at low volumes without paper feed issues.


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