[clug] Internode dumps FOSS for MS Exchange

Hugh Fisher hugh.fisher at anu.edu.au
Thu Feb 18 16:32:15 MST 2010

Chris Smart wrote:
> Anyway, the reason I'm asking all these questions is to discover what
> *I* should be doing.. I'm getting burnt out trying to push for free
> software (at work for example) and so I'm wondering whether I should
> even be bothering at all. I'm at the point where I'm trying to
> reconcile these two important issues and if not I fear I'll just throw
> it all away.

What seems to be the common refrain, pick your battles.

Internode switching to MS Exchange really doesn't bother me, and
I can't see it as a disaster for open standards, open source, or
free software.

On the other hand, if the National Archive is going all MS, *that*
is really something to worry about. I can read documents from
Federation a hundred years ago, but will anyone be able to read
our Government's documents in another hundred years?

So if you're getting burnt out, maybe concentrate on just one
area instead of trying to convert everybody.


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