[clug] Internode dumps FOSS for MS Exchange

Jim Croft jim.croft at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 16:49:02 MST 2010

yes - how anyone can use archive and MS in the same sentence without
blushing and cringing with embarrassment is beyond me...

It really worries me that our society has been sitting in a non
archivable void for the last couple of decades, the way out from which
seems just too hard to deal with.  The data I created at the beginning
of my career is still accessible by anyone with eyes and an education.
 The data I am creating today will be lucky if it survives the next
hardware/software release cycle.

The reason I like FOSS is that it does not intentionally cripple data
escape routes as a foundation of its business.

jim (thinking more and more of clay tablets and a sharp stick)

On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 10:32 AM, Hugh Fisher <hugh.fisher at anu.edu.au> wrote:
> On the other hand, if the National Archive is going all MS, *that*
> is really something to worry about. I can read documents from
> Federation a hundred years ago, but will anyone be able to read
> our Government's documents in another hundred years?

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