[clug] Internode dumps FOSS for MS Exchange

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Tue Feb 16 15:15:12 MST 2010

On 17/02/2010, at 03:35 , Robert Brockway wrote:

> When OSS solutions have failed to work it is virtually always because there was a problem integrating with a proprietary solution where the protocol in question is not well understood.

The catch here being that you can do most of what Exchange can do without proprietary solutions such as Exchange.

From memory the only "missing links" are:
 - Free/busy time (which IIRC the vCal/iCal spec doesn't support)
 - Synchronising address books with a central store

Note that Apple Mail is quite capable of using an LDAP directory. I'm not sure about the iPhone equivalent, and I'm not sure if you can sync an LDAP directory listing across to the iPhone (having not had any desire to pollute my personal iPhone with corporate messages)

> These limitations may well limit future options and cost more in the long run and if open standards had been used.

Which is where I get a chuckle at the suggestion to employ a FOSS project programmer to develop that project for the corporation rather than just forking over the $10k for Exchange.


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