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Lana Brindley wrote on 15/02/10 9:13 AM:
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Our Lana,
Who art in Bungendore (or nearby),
thank you for our daily 'grenade'/talking-point,
give us our discussions, etc etc
[apologies in advance. a lame attempt at humour]

Can anyone explain to me the thinking behind the "We are Anonymous"
attack that took down some sites last week?
I can't fathom their motives or thinking.

It isn't lawful, AFAIK. But I couldn't say what laws it might violate.
So you might expect it wasn't done by "Professionals" in the Industry
where it would violate their Code of Ethics (illegal activity is a NoNo).

So who are the experts with resources & bandwidth (and time) who are
doing the attacking??

People who've read the article comment on "Information wants to be Free".

I'm not sure how railing against consistent censorship laws across all
media (incl. Cyberspace) is making Information not-free.

I don't think there's A Right To Porn...
Unless you're 14, confusing 'Freedom' with Porn-Surfing isn't a problem.

I believe the Howard/Conroy "Internet Filtering" attempt is doomed to
failure. I don't support it - it's a waste of time, money and energy.
Plus it might give people a sense of false security... Worse than none.

If post-hoc Security methods worked, SPAM would be a solved problem.

The real question is defining something that *could* work.

Whenever I raised this point in professional fora I've been howled down
and attacked...

Which always made me wonder what their collective agendas were...


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