[clug] Why the web has gone sour

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Sun Feb 14 15:45:32 MST 2010

steve jenkin wrote:
> Can anyone explain to me the thinking behind the "We are Anonymous"
> attack that took down some sites last week?
> I can't fathom their motives or thinking.
it is a "hacker" group called "Legion" that was behind other attacks on 
federal government websites last year. basically a bunch of what appear 
to be people with nothing better to do that proclaim "we are legion. we 
are everywhere, we. are. watching". If they really want to watch what I 
do at night with the lights off, then I give them 10 minutes before 
they're reaching for the brain bleach and a scrubbing brush.
> It isn't lawful, AFAIK. But I couldn't say what laws it might violate.
> So you might expect it wasn't done by "Professionals" in the Industry
> where it would violate their Code of Ethics (illegal activity is a NoNo).
> So who are the experts with resources & bandwidth (and time) who are
> doing the attacking??
They use a botnet to run a DDoS against the sites. One control node 
running in an IRC room controls hundreds of affected machines. Repeat 
ad-infinitum per 13yo using mum's wireless broadband in the back room, 
and you've got yourself a "hacking" group.

Steve Walsh, RHCE
Some random guy who does things with linux and conference networks

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