[clug] of glue & DNS registrars

Matthew Firth clug at matthew.matera.net.au
Sat Feb 13 16:43:09 MST 2010

that's something that I didn't expect: name servers defined by a particular 
registrar are "stuck" with that registrar for ever?

I would have expected that the registrar who holds the domain should be able 
to control glue for everything therein?

That actually makes a change of registrar much harder.  If I want to get the 
hell away from Melbourne IT forever, I now need to define three new name 
servers with NetRegistry and redelegate every domain  [a number of which I'm 
not the registrant of, ergo annoying]


On Thu, 11 Feb 2010, Steve Walsh wrote:

> >
> > If there is anyone on list who:
> > a) Knows what DNS glue is ;)
> >    
> Mebbe I do, and Mebbe I don't.
> > b) Has tried to change it for a .au 2LD
> >    
> Yes
> > c) Has actually succeeded in doing so online
> >    
> No. over the phone quoting my domain name password / authinfo
> > ....could they recommend me a better registrar to take my business to?
> > Renewals come up in a few months so it seems opportune.
> >    
> I went from MelbourneIT to Netregistry, but I still need to ring 
> MelbourneIT to update my (original) DNS IP's. If I register new ones, 
> they're with netregistry and are easy to do.
> AIUI from netregistry, that was changing at some point, but I haven't 
> had the need to break my DNS for quite some time, so I can't tell you if 
> that's still the case.

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