[clug] of glue & DNS registrars

Matthew Firth clug at matthew.matera.net.au
Thu Feb 11 02:21:51 MST 2010

I've just had an unpleasant conversation with my incumbent DNS registrar, 
Melbourne IT:

Me>  I would like to change the glue on a name server please.

Them> I'm sorry sir, you will need to email your username and password to 
help at melbourneit.com.au along with your new name server IP address.

Me> What is the turnaround time for this service?
Them> 24-48 hours sir.

Let's just note the security faux pas that is asking anyone to send 
credentials via email and move on for a minute.

This happened once 12 months ago, and I thought it may just have been an 
idiot at the other end.  No, it's apparently the way Melbourne IT works.

Three years or so ago, it could be done on the spot and by someone who 
actually knew what the heck they were doing (before that, I had some bizarre 
out-of-bailiwick glue errors that caused much head-scratching & it was 
fixed, again, on the spot by someone amazingly competant).

If there is anyone on list who:
a) Knows what DNS glue is ;)
b) Has tried to change it for a .au 2LD 
c) Has actually succeeded in doing so online

....could they recommend me a better registrar to take my business to?  
Renewals come up in a few months so it seems opportune. 

NetRegistry appears to let me do it for .gov.au zones, but I wasn't exactly 
going to try it on a live one.  Something to do with breaching three 
Cwth acts and being without a job afterwards.....



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