[clug] Authenticating to Exchange Server 2007 from an Linux client (kmail)

Michael James michael at james.st
Wed Feb 10 22:45:13 MST 2010

Anyone know the Kmail settings to authenticate
 sending mail to an Exchange 2007 Server?

I've tried in the past and had to settle for un-authenticated SMTP.
Now a distribution list is demanding authenticated input.

I'm currently sending SMTP with TLS without authentication.
If I try to just turn on authentication sending fails:
 the server doesn't demand it; so it doesn't accept it.

Is there another port on a normal Exchange server
 that will demand/accept authentication?
If so what flavor should I feed it?
Plain text over TLS?
NTLM over ?

Well theme my emoticons "Disgusted".
     WHAT has Linux come to?

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