[clug] Article on building Linux 1080p media player + DVR for AU$600

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Wed Feb 10 00:19:22 MST 2010

I've a mate who is interested in building a PVR, as am I.
Would like to be able to try XBMC and MythUbuntu...

Are there any benefits to group purchases?
[Downsides abound]

Any benefits in a "group construction day"?

Anyone else interested/


Nathan O'Sullivan wrote on 2/02/10 2:38 PM:
> Some list members may be interested in this, but!! please note the site
> is run by my employer and has banner ad at top of the pages - so please
> stop reading if this sounds too commercial for you
> Late last year I wrote an article building a 1080p media player with the
> new Asrock ION330, which is one of the first machines available with
> Nvidia's new ION platform. In short, the ION provides for
> GPU-accelerated video playback and is well supported by XBMC on linux.
> Due to the site's demographic, the article is written with a Windows
> user in mind - so it covers some basic stuff in a quite a bit of detail.
> The software used is Ubuntu and XBMC, and I tried to cover everything in
> terms of getting 1080p, 5.1 surround sound over HDMI. The hardware cost
> me $510 inc. delivery
> http://www.ausgamers.com/features/read/2810841
> In January, I finished the followup article - purchasing a USB TV tuner
> for about $60 delivered, setting up the recording software Tvheadend,
> and finally integrating it with XBMC.
> http://www.ausgamers.com/features/read/2841622
> I'm using the resulting system fulltime (after having used a combination
> of MythTV + XBMC for some time) and overall I'm pretty happy with it.
> Tvheadend is certainly no match for MythTV in the scheduling department,
> but XBMC is so pleasant on the eyes. If you tend to primarily watch
> ripped DVDs and listen to MP3s as I do, I think its perhaps the better
> choice.
> Regards
> Nathan

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