[clug] Canberra electric vehicles group - first contact

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Mon Feb 1 13:55:34 MST 2010

Paul Wayper wrote:

> Firstly, there's a lot of interest in the local group in starting a EV racing
> standard and, within one to two years, getting actual races happening.
> Initial ideas revolved around a standard car chassis that is fully CAMS
> approved (which is necessary for official racing), but then someone mentioned
> go-karts as a lower-cost entry level category which also got a lot of nods.

I don't think this is as true as you'd think. I had a quick look on 
ebay, and a used gokart is $2000+, for which you can get an ok car. 
Sure, the kart has a motor you can strip off and sell, but I think 
you're still talking about a lot of money for a development platform.

http://www.canberraev.org/ has some details about converting a petrol 
car to EV, which they say should cost about $15,000. Here is a guy in 
Canberra who did one: http://www.evalbum.com/2468


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